“Colors just make me so happy, and my favorites are anything with bright, fun colors. I believe that God is the Great Creator, and I am just an instrument for His continuing creativity and life to flow through.  Sometimes I get a picture in my head that starts me off, then it’s just a process of following my heart, one step at a time, until the piece is finished. I like to paint to music, and sometimes I just see a color and the music seems to move the brush by itself. I get into what I call ‘The Zone,’ where the worship expressed in the music I’m listening to just flows right through me and onto the canvas in front of me. Those are my favorites. I feel such joy, peace, life, and freedom during those times. I hope when people see those pieces, they feel it too.


Some pieces are just for fun. Some have meanings even I don’t understand. I purposely don’t think too much about each one. I love to hear what other people see or interpret them to mean. I believe each one means something to someone, whether I know what it is or not. So, I just take each canvas as it comes. I open my heart and mind to the Spirit of God, and what comes out, comes out. I just enjoy the process of each one and am as surprised as anyone at the end result.”