Atlanta-based artist Michelle Anderson creates pieces of art that have the emotional impact one might expect from someone who has studied art for many years. Since her works feature a vivid color palette reminiscent of artists such as Henri Matisse and Vincent Van Gogh, and exhibit a style in the vein of abstract expressionist painters such as Wassily Kandinsky, it is surprising to learn that Anderson is mostly self-taught. Working at a deeply intuitive level, she creates pieces that are at once whimsical and playful, yet evoke a strong sense of energy and purpose, inspiring deeper reflection. 


Anderson’s interest in visual art began about five years ago. “I started small,” she says, “with little wooden craft pieces such as trinket boxes, birdhouses, or napkin holders. I would paint them and give them as gifts or use them in my own home. Then I began to really love the home decorating shows and the amazing impact paint selection can have on a room.” So, she took a faux finish class and learned several wall painting techniques. She focused on that for a number of months, painting rooms in a variety of residential settings. Then, in 2006, she started painting canvases, where her latent talent for more personal and emotional art-making began to thrive. Working on each piece individually, with no set agenda, Anderson explores a variety of painting techniques and color combinations, and has emerged as an artist with a distinctive style that is all her own.